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and you make me feel
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Date:2004-11-14 15:33
Subject:okay, so.
Mood: uncomfortable

We have a one-week break from exams for Ramadhan, the end of the fasting month. I'm wasting all my time reading and fooling around. I need to get back to studying, because - SEVEN papers after this! One after the other! All Science and Math and Accounts and gaahhhh. I hate History, but at least that's over.

Anyway, two things.

One, I love lesstraveled and I love this, too. Olympus High. The best thing since, well, since the last thing she wrote. Haha! Honestly, it's awesome and funny and crazy and its 'watched by' list is multiplying in a very shoebox-worthy way.

Two, I was rereading Everworld, and this happened. Okay, I know nobody reads Everworld, but hey, I used to. And I like David. And... and I have nothing to do, okay? There was this one book where Christopher, that's the annoying, funny, racist one, gets rescued from dying by Ganymede, and then fails to save Ganymede's life in return, and there is much angst. And yeah.

David/Christopher, the marks left by Ganymede. And yes, I know nobody is going to even understand this.Collapse )

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Date:2004-08-12 23:23


ETA: mostly friends-only. if for some reason you wish to add me, comment and i will add you back.

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